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What do you do when you suspect or know of someone committing animal abuse? The answer is simple…do something. Animals have no voice of their own therefore making them an easy target.


The law has yet to view them as a sentient being but rather classifies them as property. What you and I may consider abuse is perfectly acceptable by legal definition. It is therefore imperative that you check on what is considered abuse in your state prior to acting. If the offense in question is not something that local authorities can act on you have two options. The first being to see what bills are pending, get those phones ringing to get them passed and attend the Humane Lobby Day in your state; invite your friends along. Another thing you might want to try is going over with a friend to speak to the person in question and offer assistance, ie bedding, housing, food, etc. You may even see if they are willing to relinquish ownership.


If in fact the offense at hand is a chargeable offense and the animal’s life is in danger call 911 immediately.  If there is time you should gather evidence be it video, pictures, audio, and journal date, time and specifics. Gather up all of your evidence and take it to your local precinct. Bear in mind that animal abuse does not rank high on the priority list where law enforcement is concerned. You must be prepared to follow up on the investigation.


There are many who look away and that I will never understand. You are either and animal lover or you are not. As an animal lover you have a moral obligation to advocate on their behalf. Do not get caught up in what people will think. You are not a “rat”. You are saving a life. Those that will speak against your actions should be scrutinized themselves and not be considered an animal lover.