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Article originally posted on March 13, 2017 on http://hamiltonlawandmediation.com:


As the Northeast awaits a huge blizzard, my thoughts turn to the animals that we care for and how they will survive. It is important for us as their caregivers to make sure, from the youngest to the oldest, we’ve taken every precaution. We need to take them now, before the snowstorm starts, so that we provide great care for these animals.

Here are three tips to care for your beloved pets before the blizzard arrives

Food and Water

Make sure you have enough food (dog, cat, horse, rabbit) and water for the animal(s) depending on you. The animals gracing our lives have to eat and drink during the storm.

Be Aware of the Dangers Snow Poses

When you let your pets out to relieve themselves during the storm, be careful not to put them in harm’s way. Snow can be too deep for puppies or too slippery for the older guys. It may seem like common sense, but we often don’t realize when the snow gets to be too deep for older dogs. Shoveling a path for your pets, so they can get out and go, will help them (and you) happily survive the storm.

Short & Often

When letting your animals out in a storm, err on the side of letting them out for shorter periods of time more often. Snow can easily pack into hooves and paws. The longer they stay out, the worse it can become. Once impacted, snow can be very painful for your pet. Take a minute or 5 tonight to cut the extra fur from between their toes. They will be so grateful you did.

As they say in Boston, “There’s A Wicked Big Stawm Comin”!!! Stay safe, keep your beloved pets safe and do your best to enjoy what makes the Northeast special – Nor’easters. 

Now it’s your turn. I’d like to hear about the special plans and prep you make to keep your pets safe from harm during bad weather!  Leave a comment below! And, if you know someone who could benefit from reading this article, please share it with them!