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Cool Cats

It’s that time of the year we All been waiting for…SUMMER!!!

“Fun in the Sun” going to BBQs, swimming at the beach or pool or, a day trip to

a park or visiting family members.  STOP! What about your cat(s)?

The hot weather affects them, too.

If your cat is indoors and likes to roam outside also, you Still must take precaution.

Fleas: Protect your fur baby, invest in a flea collar. Especially, if you have dog(s) in

the household.

Vaccinations: Make sure up-to-date. Micro-chip them! It’s an “easy” chance for darting out

the door when kids or visitors come through the door.

Food Safety: Hot weather is an Elevated risk for outdoor cats. The food “bakes” in the hot sun.

Another problem you wouldn’t want is ants and other insects in the food.

BEST Advice: Don’t leave food out, it will become contaminated.

Water: Keep the bowls in the shade and change water several times during the day.

Indoor cats, keep water fresh too, by changing. For Both put ice cubes in their bowls.

Sun Protection:  Never leave your cat outdoors while you are not home!!

Cats ears can get sunburned and the tips of their ears are very vulnerable.

Check Paws:  due to walking on hot asphalt, their paws can also get burned. Though your

Cat’s paw may feel tough, they’re extremely sensitive. Watch for insect stings, too!

Heatstroke:  If your cat is restless, panting and has sweaty paws the heat is affecting him/her.

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke may strike with these symptoms. Always be sure your cat has

Access to shade, water and cool temperatures.

Climate Control: Keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Switch on your air conditioning maintain a moderate temperature. If you do not have an air conditioner,

Ceiling or floor fans will help cool off your cat(s).

You Cat Will Thank You!!