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Dawn A. Schursky
(914) 295-2652

Pet CPR, First Aid & TNR Certified

ef32fe_c227b503d6984576846329bf35170895Dawn resides in Westchester County & currently works full time in the insurance field. She has one daughter and 3 fur babies at the moment. Dawn started working with a rescue group in April 2013. She started as an Application Processor/Foster Mama and was promoted to Westchester/Puppy Coordinator in January 2014. In October of 2014 she decided to become more hands on in her community and do some fundraising with a local rescue for a few months. After being involved in so many aspects of animal rescue and many discussions among Co-Founders they decided to create FurBridge, Inc..

Like everyone in rescue, Dawn has always had a passion and overwhelming drive to help animals. She has always had an abundance of fuzzy little rodents, lizards, turtles, birds, cats and of course dogs. Dawn adopted her first “rescue pit” 3 years ago and there has been no turning back since. Dawn feels “a house is not a home without a pit!” Over the past few years of volunteering with rescues she has realized how strong her passion truly is. The more educated she became about animal cruelty and what is really going on in the world, the stronger her drive became.

Dawn said…..”“The feeling you get when you rescue cannot be explained. When you take an abused, abandoned animal into your home, nurse it back to health with lots of love, kindness and discipline. Those scared, abused, abandoned animals become confident, happy and very loyal.”
“We are the bridge between what was and what can be.
We are the pathway to a new life”

Dawn is on the Westchester County Response Team WesCart, as well as CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Certified.

ESART Orientation –  School of Public Health, University at Albany (2015)

Incident Command System (ICS 100)- FEMA Emergency Management Institute (2015)

National Incident Command System (ICS 700) – FEMA Emergency Management Institute (2015)

CERT Organization (100B) – FEMA Emergency Management Institute (2015)

Hazmat Awareness – Safe Response (2015)

CERT 8 Week Course – Westchester Fire Training Center, Valhalla, NY (2016)

County Animal Response Team – School of Public Health, University at Albany (2016)

Ian Dunbar – “Unleashed” Seminar (2015)

Ian Dunbar – “Growl Class Workshop”  (2016)

Member of the NACA