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My love of rescue started when I was a small girl and I found a baby sparrow with a broken wing. I brought it home to my grandfather, and he and I made a bed out of a shoebox and took care of it and one day it flew away! Growing up we always had a house full of animals, all adopted from local shelters or found strays. My mom was a great lover of all animals and instilled that into me.

I’ve worked with Dawn in rescue over many years, we have always shared the same vision so it was inevitable I would join her here at Furbridge.
I am currently Mom to my love Jack Frost, who was extremely abused, bitten, beaten, starved  and emaciated. He was a handful in the beginning, but after much love, patience and understanding he has flourished into the most amazing lovable family m
ember! We also have and love our rescue black kitty foster failure, Rayven.

I love coordinating our transports, it’s always a wonderful feeling to get that picture of the happy pup with his ecstatic new family! Our volunteer transporters are a joy to deal with, they go well above and beyond to make sure our dogs get safely to their forever homes.

This year I plan to get more involved politically with shelter reform. Our shelters conditions are deplorable and in need of major changes.

PLEAE Spay, neuter, adopt, don’t shop.. Until there are all home