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Lori Carpenter


I live in Ohio with my 2 dogs, Sheba and Lady Bird and 2 cats, Zippy and Bootie. My love of rescue started when I was a young girl in
a small town out in the North Carolina country. People would just dump their pets on the back roads all alone and no one to care for them, feed them or love them. I would bring them home and my family was awesome about letting us keeping them. We started a farm where we gave the abandoned, neglected and abused a forever home so they never had to worry again. Then when I got older and moved to Ohio, I  saw all the stray animals int he parks. My mastiff who passed away January of 2016 from cancer was one of those strays I found in the park. He was so tiny and wrapped in a plastic grocery bag – left to die. Having rescued my little guy and seeing seeing all the animals in shelters being senselessly killed due to lack of treatment or overcrowding made me become more involved in rescue. dumped by people for such insane reasons as no time, to big, to active or just don’t say anything is when i got even more involved in helping any animal in need . I advocate. I foster. I try to bring awareness to spay and neutering as well as adopting over buying because so many animals die everyday. Volunteering with rescue helps me see beyond the bad to the good. Please foster, adopt, volunteer, advocate – doing something is better than doing nothing!