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Sarina Roth graduated from Seton Hall with a degree in Political Science. She currently works at Clarfeld Financial Advisors, LLC in Tarrytown, NY, as a Trust and SEC Compliance Administrator. After graduating college in 2014 and starting her first “real” full-time job, she realized there was something missing in her life. She was briefly involved with Seton Hall’s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity and despite her brief involvement, realized that the piece that was currently missing was service. Dawn reached out and asked if Sarina would be interested in coordinating the web platforms that FurBridge utilized and Sarina gladly accepted.

As her involvement increased, she researched more and more about the types of advocacy that FurBridge promotes and fell in love with the cause. She is seen in the photograph with her furbaby, Nina, who she rescued in June of 2014. We’re still not sure who rescued who!

If you have any interest in volunteering with the media platforms please do not hesitate to email her at sarina@furbridge.org. She is more than willing to place you in an area of your interest and welcome you into our FurBridge family!